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Ladies dressing code gone sour!
By enock mukila | Updated Jun 29, 2016 at 11:10 EAT

Dressing creates the first impression when you bump into a person. We should therefore endeavor to be always presentable especially when attending to official duties. Currently I have been strolling in the Nairobi city when employees are rushing to jobs and I am vexed by the weird dressing codes I have observed among ladies.

This has left me with myriad of questions whether they are usually going for modelling rehearsals or jobs. Ladies are putting on tight skirts, with largely cut slits which are exposing their thighs.

Others dress in jeans trousers which once they bend grant the entire public a better view of their inner wears. I found this disgusting and haunting and there is need for ladies to change for the better.

During the ages of our grandmothers, the dressing code for ladies was highly respected and they could barely wear trousers. Apparently, the term ''digital era'' has spoiled everything especially in this vital aspect of dressing. This has been propagated by the influence of watching fashion shows and movies from the West.

We should not be wavered by everything from European countries, we have to remain unbowed and stick to what is acceptable and pleasing to our cultures. Ladies should understand that emulating dressing fashions from the Western countries will make them disrespected.

They should not dress in a suggestive manner as if they are going to offices to seduce their male employers. I hereby implore all ladies to dress decently, absolutely it causes no arm.

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