Five reasons why you should become a travel YouTuber
By Thorn Mulli
Wambui Gichobi
Wambui Gichobi is a travel content creator on the quest to visit all the 197 countries of the world. [Courtesy]

In the last few months, Kenyan online content creators have been sharing content with their communities that is relevant to the COVID-19 period. This has not only been to interest their followers in the content they can enjoy while working from home but also to ensure more people subscribe to their channels. They are able to keep creating content during the pandemic and share through YouTube as it is a platform that supports independent creators. Below are five reasons why you should become a YouTuber:


  1. Earn a living
    Rajvir Soin
    Rajvir Soin aka Adventure Sigh gave up dentistry to pursue his passion of photography and travel content creation. [Courtesy]

More than a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each day, generating billions of views. Logged-in YouTube users watch, on average, more than one hour of video per day on mobile devices. This translates to over two billion logged-in users visiting YouTube each month. Creators understand what this means in terms of money. Therefore, they use YouTube as a means to make a livelihood through the content they upload. They do this by monetising their channels and get paid by YouTube for the views they accumulate. Others also make money through sponsorships from clients looking for product visibility by offering to sponsor the videos.


  1. Express yourself in over 80 different languages
Bonita on Safari
Bonita on Safari embarked on a bus trip from Nairobi, Kenya to Livingstone, Zambia by bus in 2020. [Courtesy]

YouTube is available in local versions for over 100 countries. This gives users a total of  80 different languages to choose from. For Kenyans, this means having the option to choose between either English or Kiswahili or any other language available like French, Spanish, et cetera.


  1. Get recognised through Creator Award subscriber milestones
Farhana Obernson
Farhana Obernson is a pioneer Travel Vlogger from Kenya with a wide raeching appeal. [Felix Kavii]

YouTube has been recognising and celebrating its content creators for many years. Creators pour their heart and soul into their videos, and YouTube celebrates them upon reaching subscriber milestones with the Creator Award Play Button plaques. Content creators stand to receive three Play Buttons plaques. These are the Silver Play Button (awarded to creators upon attaining 100, 000 subscribers), Gold Play Button (once you have one million subscribers), and Diamond Play Button which is awarded to creators who reach the ten million subscriber mark.


  1. More content than any other video platform


Winnie Rioba
Winnie Rioba has carved a niche organising girls' only trips across the globe. [Courtesy]

One can upload as much content on YouTube as they would want, varying from comedy and entertainment, to lifestyle, fitness, education, travel and much more. Comparatively, YouTube has more video content than any other video platform.


  1. No restrictions on video length
Marie Magesha
Marie Magesha is a student in Beijin, China who has has mastered the art of budget travel. [Courtesy]].

There is no maximum video length for YouTube uploads. Estimates have shown that on YouTube, about 72 hours worth of video is uploaded to the site every minute. This provides YouTube viewers with a wide array of videos that they can watch at any time of the day or night. Similarly, YouTube also has a much larger file size cap. This means that the maximum size limit of a video you can upload on YouTube is 128 gigabytes, which is unlikely to restrict the quality of even the largest video files.