PHOTOS: Muslim faithful's swarm at Jamia for Friday prayers


Muslim faithful's say their prayers at Jamia Mosque in Nairobi. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Muslim faithful’s have started observing this year’s Holy Month of Ramadhan.

In Nairobi, they thronged at the Jamia Mosque to say their prayers.

Ramadhan is a holy month of introspection and prayer for people who profess the Islamic faith.

During this period, Muslims are encouraged to study the Quran and fast.

According to religious literature, prior to becoming a messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad used to retreat to the top cave of Mountain Hira, where he would meditate in solitude “away from the polytheistic culture of tribal Mecca”.

Ramadhan is observed in the month that most Muslims believe the Holy Book, Quran, began to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

Below are photos captured during the prayers.