I am not dramatic, it's my nature- Peter Salasya

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya.[File, Standard]

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has moved to quiet the talk that he has a flair for the dramatics.

The MP has recently hit news headlines on more than one occasion and for the wrong reasons.

The once-shy leader who is previously known for his humble background has now been crowned the ‘drama king’ as everywhere he goes, drama and chaos seem to erupt.

In January during a burial in Mumias, Salasya allegedly assaulted a Member of the Kakamega County Assembly for failing to sit down when he requested him to.

This triggered an altercation that saw the burial disrupted, with mourners scampering for safety as guns were drawn and shots fired.

Months before, the legislator was again involved in a violent altercation with supporters of Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa.

A supporter snatched the microphone from him [Salasya] for criticising the governor prompting him to quickly follow the supporter with punches; which he missed.

The MP was whisked away even as he fought back, trying to punch his attackers. His bodyguard drew his gun, as police officers tried to calm the situation.

These are but a few occasions that have seen him involved in altercations both physically and on social media platforms.

Many would say the first-time is fond of chasing clout and looking for ways to be popular in the political scenes.

But, the MP maintains that what Kenyans see as ‘drama’ is nothing but his true nature.

In an interview with KTN News on Thursday, February 16, Salasya said, “I am not dramatic, it is in my nature and such is life.”

The content on his social platforms on the other hand, he says is just meant to make Kenyans happy.

But, that should not prompt anyone to disrespect him.

“I am a content creator and I keep on making Kenyans happy through my content. This helps them forget their problems. However, people should respect me,” he said.