Samburu gets Sh1.9 billion boost to fight climate change

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi with a section of Samburu residents.

The government has partnered with Samburu County in the implementation of programmes valued at Sh1.9 billion to enhance the region’s resilience to climate change risks.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi announced this on Monday, November 13, during the National Tree Growing Day held in Tamiyoi.

Linturi urged Kenyans to plant and grow trees as a way of restoring the environment and enhancing resilience to climate change.

He said forests and rangelands are vital for the productivity of other economic sectors, as they regulate temperatures, water flows, and biodiversity.

 The CS also warned that cutting down trees affects the climate by reducing the amount of carbon that trees can store.

The National Tree Growing Day, which was led by President William Ruto, aimed to plant 150 million trees across the country in one day.

 “Planting and growing a tree is, therefore, the first and most critical step in our journey towards ecological restoration, resilience enhancement, and sustainable development. Growing a tree should be the most urgent task for each one of us today,” Linturi said.

He added that growing trees not only conserves the environment but also sustains life and enhances peace and hope for the future.

Linturi noted that climate change has caused various catastrophic events such as droughts, floods, unpredictable rainfall patterns, disease outbreaks, and pest infestations, which affect the lives, livelihoods, and infrastructure of the people and the nation.

 He attributed the adversities to human failure to observe the ecological imperative and pursue prosperity in ways that do not take environmental costs into account.

Linturi urged the public to adopt sustainable practices and policies that will ensure the preservation of the integrity of the planet’s vital systems.