PLAGIARISM: Saida Karoli thanks Diamond for ‘stealing’ her song

By ERICK OCHIENG': Sunday, October 2nd 2016 at 00:00 GMT +3 | Gossip & Rumours

At one point in our lives we always have this one song whose lyrics keep hovering on our mind like a devil.

Well, that is what Tanzanians are undergoing right now. Diamond Platinum’s new release ‘Salome’ is such a hit with Dar residents. It is the in thing on everyone’s lips from sin city lane of Siinza, to Ubungo and Shekilango.

The new hit has gripped public transport, bus terminuses and revelers joints. The fortnight old release already has over 3.3million views on YouTube.

While enjoying your outing in Dar at night, don’t be annoyed when the DJ wheels Salome after every five minutes. You have been warned.

Saida Karoli thanks Diamond for ‘stealing ‘her song

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Well, there is a word loved by almost half of the Kenyan artistes in the music industry. That word is ‘beef’.

We quite often hear Bahati accusing Willy Paul Msafi of stealing his lyrics and Paul accusing Bahati of plagiarizing his contents. Beef is what keeps Vera Sidika and Huda Munroe very much alive in the Kenyan socialite scene.

But this is not the case with Tanzania. Apparently, veteran Songbird Saida Karoli has just thanked Diamond Platinumz on live television interview for reviving her song Maria Salome.

Saida told the presenter how Diamond has done her great justice by re-editing and releasing the song which has made her quite famous within two weeks.

“My phone keeps ringing, people keeps calling and enquiring what step I am going to take against Diamond. All I want to say is I am quite happy with this,”Karoli said, while admitting the sales of her albums, which people had apparently forgotten, have shot up within a fortnight.

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