Governor accuses KDF of using bombs on civilians

Turkana Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai assists malnourished children at Kakalel village in Loima sub-county when he took food donations. [Lucas Ngasike, Standard]

Turkana governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has accused Kenya Defense Force (KDF) of using bombs on civilians in the ongoing operation to weed out suspected bandits in the region.

The governor accused the military of using bombs on civilians in Turkana South and West Pokot.

Lomorukai pointed out the weekend bombardments at Kalemngorok in Turkana South even as they attempted to recover stolen livestock.

The governor, who spoke in Lodwar, condemned the action by the military using choppers and sophisticated weapons that affected innocent civilians, including children some of whom sustained injuries.

He said several residents and livestock were injured during the bombing incident.

Lomorukai said the government did not use choppers when suspected bandits killed three children and security officers in Turkana South and East sub-counties.

“It is inhuman for the military to use bombs against innocent civilians. We have reports that some residents, among them children, and livestock were wounded during the incident. I condemn this in the strongest terms possible,” Lomorukai said.

He also accused some Pokot leaders of inciting the communities to instigate violence. He said the aggressors, believed to have crossed over from the neighbouring county, stole over 2,000 livestock in the Kakong and Kaptir.

The governor explained that the livestock owners had tried to recover their stolen animals, which resulted in a confrontation with the bandits.

The county boss dismissed claims by some Pokot leaders that some of the leaders from the Turkana were fueling conflicts along the Turkana-Pokot border.

“We urged the leaders from the neighbouring communities to preach peace. It is unfair for one community to continue attacking their neighbours and security personnel,” the governor said.

The governor said that for the last month, the suspected Pokot militia group had continued to cause mayhem to security personnel and residents.