Petitioners against British army seek envoy's help over 'filled up' email

Military spending

He claims this appears intentional to frustrate the filing of some of the 6,000 claims by Tuesday.

"Given the UK Government's budget for military spending, I have no doubt that you can afford to pay for a larger capacity email inbox," says Kubai.

The petitioners filed the case at the Land and Environment Court in Nanyuki, claiming the fire destroyed the rangelands and water sources, pushing wild animals into their farms.

However, the matter was in March referred to the Intergovernmental Liaison Committee, formed under the defence pact between Kenya and Britain.

Lolldaiga Hills Ltd, which owns the training grounds, the Batuk Commanding Officer and Batuk have been named the first, second and third respondents, while the Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service are listed as interested parties.