Nakuru City boundaries set to change as new development plan unveiled

Affordable housing

The 2022-2050 plan includes a greening programme in the midst of the mushrooming concrete structures. The previous administration had begun rehabilitation of public parks.

Nakuru is among areas earmarked for affordable housing programmes under which the county government will provide land and houses developed by private partners.

Most parts of the country's newest city are under-served with supply of clean water and connection to the sewerage system.

Governor Kihika is already engaging international development partners to end the water shortage.

Last month, the Governor sought the support of Dutch water utilities.

"Even as we work on getting the construction of Itare Dam back on track, it is important to plan ahead and mobilise resources for the last mile to pipe the water to the households," she said.

The administration will also expand the city's drainage system.

"We shall promote creative arts and culture, diversify tourism and formulate trade-friendly policies and strategies to enhance economic prosperity and improve livelihoods," added Kihika.

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