Day 2: Witness tells court how Ivy Wangeci was stalked before her brutal murder

Slain Moi University student Ivy Wangeci. [Courtesy]


The suspect in the murder of Moi University final year medical student Ivy Wangeci travelled from Nairobi to Eldoret on April 3, 2019, five days before her brutal killing. 

The hearing of the murder case continued for the second day today. 

Appearing before High Court judge Stephen Githinji, CW, an advocate, who was also a close friend of the late Wangeci and studied with her at Alliance High School, told the court that she had never met the accused, but had heard about him from Wangeci and their other friends. 

She told the court that the accused had been stalking Wangeci and had showed up at her hostel unannounced asking to talk to her. 

Screenshots of Kinuthia's threats

"In March 2019, barely a month before Wangeci's murder, our friend, MC, had shared screenshots of Kinuthia's threats that he would revenge on Ivy for spending his money. On April 3, 2019, five days before her killing, Kinuthia had been in Eldoret stalking Ivy as he appeared at her hostel unannounced," testified Wairimu.

CW told the court that they had then advised Wangeci to be walking in the company of a male friend for her safety, just in case Kinuthia ambushes her again.

Murder suspect Naftali Kinuthia at the Eldoret High Court. [Peter Ochieng', Standard]

She reiterated what other witnesses, also friends of Wangeci, had told the court that Kinuthia made several advances to woo Wangeci to no avail.

"He (Kinuthia) kept pursuing Wangeci, but she declined. Ivy had constantly made it clear to him that she was not interested in having a relationship with him," said CW.

CW told the court that she had created a WhatsApp group in which the late Wangeci and their other friend MC, who testified in court on Wednesday, would keep in touch and share updates about their lives.

Failed to report to the police

CW further told the court that the accused had on many occasions threatened Wangeci since the year 2018 until barely a month to her death, but failed to report to the police as she thought that the childhood friend was harmless.

MC who testified earlier claimed that at some point after Wangeci refused to yield to Kinuthia’s relationship demands, he made a claim that he had spent a lot of money on her and that he wanted to be refunded the cash.

"He then began sending threatening messages to me saying that he had spent on Ivy, and he was going to do something 'stupid' in revenge and that it could end in death. He said that no coin of his would go to waste," testified MC.

MC in her evidence told the court that after the stalking incident, Kinuthia had texted her informing her that he would leave Eldoret and would never be back again.

Jackson Mukhoye a boda boda rider testified in court saying that on the fateful day, he was going about his business along Nandi road, next to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) when he saw a crowd of people.

Curious, he stopped and headed to see what was happening and was told the man had hacked a student.

"There was a police Land Cruiser and the crowd was surrounding a man, who was bleeding and beside him was an axe and a knife," said Mukhoye.

Asked whether he would identify the man he saw then, he told the court that he still remembered his face.

"I saw him. I still remember his face. He is the man seated in front of me in this court," said Mukhoye, while pointing at the accused.

The hearing of the case continues, with a government chemist and other witnesses expected to testify.