Every awards ceremony has its highs and lows. At the CHAT awards, we remained hawk-eyed lest we miss a thing

By David Odongo

Size 8’s performance

Clad in a short tight dress, Linet Masivo, aka Size 8, was dressed to kill. The sad bit is she wasn’t dressed for the stage. During her performance, she nearly revealed more than she intended.

Whenever she bent down, the boys cheered, while the girls looked away. Well... that could have been bad enough, but the event was beamed live on TV. Within hours, in social networks, Twitter and Facebook, more people were expressing their disgust with harsh comments.

Denique’s wardrobe malfunction?

The sassy Jamaican star started all well on stage. Midway through her performance, the strips of her top seemed to snap and the songstress had to keep on pulling her top up lest it fell and exposed her bazooms to the crowd. In the closing stages of her performance, she seemed to have concentrated more on preserving her dignity than singing.

Lady Bee stung?

When Lady B won the best new artiste, few teeniez in the crowd cheered her as she stepped forward to pick her award.

Unperturbed, she rushed through her acceptance speech then left the stage. TV footage showed some teenies cleary showing their disapproval of the winner by waving their hands, in protest. Lady B was pitted against Qty and Rapdamu.

Qty’s cute limo

Qty came in a Chrysler limo with four attendants. Her ‘boyfriend’ Baby One was also around in his Hummer. The two never shared a moment.

The last time we met Qty, it was highly unforgettable, because she was trying to cross the very busy Mombasa Road, to get into our offices. It was unforgettable as she had very high heels and running across a busy six lane highway in heels is not a mean feat. We thought she would break her ankles in the process. A limo hire cost around Sh60,000. If she had topped the amount she paid with some savings, and multiplied it by four, she would have bought her own car. Question is, who paid for Qty’s limo?

Rabbit the rapper

Kaka Sungura arrived late. He had to beseech the guards — in low tones — to let him in after which he confidently strutted into the exclusive VIP area.

However, he cheekily declined to grant an interview and only picked lines from his songs as responses.

When asked by a TV reporter why he came late, he replied, "Niko kwa jam nakam" a line from his song, Jam Nakam. When asked where his girlfriend was, he replied "Ka sio pesa ama biashara, we kwenda, sina time na Madame" another line from his latest song.

No longer intoxicating?

Forget a few years back during Chaguos, when Toxic was in every one’s lips.

This time round, it seemed nobody even knew who she was. All the teeniez were doing was ogling at her booty. Nobody recognised her.

It seems the young men who were crazy about Toxic a few years back, probably got over it and are now probably engaged to girls, they hope to take to their mums one day. But hey, Toxic looked stunning!

Smitta sting

After the Pulse’s grand chopper arrival, Smitta who had stayed behind to greet the fans was accosted by a TV presenter.

She asked, "Now that you came in a chopper, haven’t you stolen the show?" To which the writer replied,

"We didn’t steal the show, the show is still going on," The presenter was left speechless. Ouch! It was also captured on TV.