Arati and Onyonka cut political ties

Governor Simba Arati. [Sammy Omingo, Standard]

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka has cut his political ties with Governor Simba Arati after he was locked out of employing his people in the Kisii County cabinet.

Onyonka said that the County boss had gone against a pre-election pact that could have awarded him 25 percent of the county government jobs.

In a consultative meeting in Kisii on Saturday, Onyonka revealed that the Governor had gone against their pre-election agreement and subsequent meetings to solve the matter had borne no fruits.

The Senator argued that, during the campaigns, they agreed to give him an opportunity to appoint at least 25 percent of the County Cabinet and senior government positions.

“There has never been a more vicious fight in Kisii politics than what we had in 2022; it was our me and Arati versus them. My only worry was if Arati was going to maintain the promises he made. We had several people who could have won the seat but I decided to stick with him,” said Onyonka.

Onyonka said that during the campaigns, he had warned the governor not to be vindictive. “I told him that we should hold consultative meetings as part of his leadership. He went ahead to pick the cabinet without consultations, we are not begging, we need a stake in this Government.”

The Senator said that it is not a must that he consults him. “I warned the Governor about parading people at the Gusii Stadium but he never listened to me, civil servants are now against him and the morale to deliver has gone low.”

Onyonka further revealed that he has not been on talking terms with the Governor for weeks. “We must have a leadership that is honest. Nearly 400 will be retiring within a period of one year, these are the jobs they want to share amongst themselves.”

Kitutu Chache South MP Anthony Kibagendi said clan politics in Kisii must be respected. “The Governor must respect other leaders. His fights with staff must stop. Those with dubious papers think others never went to school. We are not interested in war. The former Governor did his part; we are not ready to fight him into his retirement.”

Kibagendi said that they are not ready for impeachment plans at the moment. “We will fight for more employment opportunities both at the County and National government. The reckless transfer of staff should stop. Other governors are working with other leaders; this must be done in Kisii.”

Kitutu Chache North Japhet Nyakundi, noted that the recent parading of staff in the public was illegal.

“Civil Servants in the County are no longer working, they are scared because of victimisation. Politics has been overtaken by events, let us respect those officers and even other elective leaders.”

He said leaders from across the county had agreed to have sector development forums and later after documentation present the same to the governor.

Last week, the Governor pointed out that he will not listen to his critics at the moment.

He accused those pointing fingers at his leadership style of trying to protect the corrupt in his Government.

“I will clean the mess; those shouting at me are against the change we yearn for. I was elected with majority votes and the only people I will listen to are those electorates.”

He alleged that some of the elected leaders had been demanding money from him. “The money I have is allocated to various development projects and not to feed some few greedy people. I will not be intimidated.”