Opinion poll show Raila Odinga and William Ruto neck to neck in State House race

He, however, noted that nothing big ought to change in the elections, since the election is only days away.

"Unless some expected and dramatic events occur during the remaining period, it is unlikely that the figures would change much in the meantime.

No clear-cut winner

According to the survey conducted between July 21 and 26 this year, "neither Raila nor Ruto will be able to secure an outright, first-round win, though combined, their total figure would probably have at least double to bring this about," TIFA states.

Further to avoid the scenario of a possible runoff, the presidential candidates have a tough time of convincing at least 5.2 per cent of the undecided voters to cast votes for them with only a few days to go.

The number of undecided voters has reduced since the last polls in June when it stood at 10 per cent. Across different demographics, TIFA reveals that strongholds of both presidential candidates and their running mates weigh heavily on one's preferred presidential candidate given that the two candidates and their deputies draw the most support from their "native'' regions.

The poll further noted that the presence of the other two candidates, George Wajackoya of the Roots party and Mwaure Waihiga of the Agano party at least raises the possibility that neither of the two top candidates are winning on the first round.

Running mates Rigathi Gachagua and Martha Karua at CUEA. [File, Standard]

The report shows that 51 per cent of women have expressed support for Raila against 46 per cent of women who are vouching for the deputy president. The poll shows that there has been an eight per cent impact of women votes since the unveiling of Karua as his running mate.

The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance so far attracts more national support compared to Kenya Kwanza with Ruto's alliance dominating in Central Rift with 80 per cent and Mt Kenya 61 per cent. On the other hand Azimio enjoys their highest level of support in Nyanza region with 83 per cent and the South Rift with 60 per cent.

In terms of age distribution, the report shows that most of those aged between 18-24 years would split their votes between Dr Ruto and Raila at 46 percent, while those aged above 53 years would cast their vote for Raila at 47 per cent against Dr Ruto's 43 per cent.