Leaked Ruto audio has no consequence, Nelson Havi says

Former Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi. [David Njaaga, Standard]

Former Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has weighed in on a leaked audio of Deputy President William Ruto admitting to almost slapping his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Havi, appearing on KTN News on Monday night said he would not be worried about any consequences because the audio and its contents hold no water.

“I don’t care who leaked the audio. It’s of no consequence…It is being misused by people who think they can get mileage,” Havi said.

The UDA Westlands MP candidate claimed that the people fronting the audio the most were akin to empty ‘debes.’

“These people have turned to be more wailing than the bereaved,” he noted, adding that there was no political malice to it.

The ex-LSK president averred that if indeed Uhuru was dilly-dallying, someone ought to have pushed him.

“Uhuru was stagnating, dilly-dallying. You can have a partner who is very slow, indecisive, and requires a push from time to time,” he said.

Political analyst Herman Manyora, on the other hand, read mischief into the audio clip, claiming that someone close to the DP must have been involved.

“I suspect the person who recorded was very close to the DP and had a gadget. He/she must have been a mole,” Manyora said on Monday night.

In the recording, Ruto, who was speaking to a group of Kikuyu elders at his Karen residence on Friday, is heard saying that Uhuru almost gave up on the presidency and was ready to go back home to Ichaweri, Gatundu South, prompting his anger.

But the Deputy President, while defending his remarks during a rally today at Central Imenti, Meru County, says he was only being a good and loyal friend.

The deputy president and the president have been at loggerheads, exchanging brickbats sometimes without mentioning names.