Wajackoyah's support base is taking root among the young, now and in the future

Roots Party Presidential Candidate George Wajackoyah addressing during the IEBC National Election 2022 Conference at KICC, Nairobi on July 11t 2022. [Boniface Okendo, Standard]

If I had a vote, do you know who I would vote for to be president?”

This was from the young man of the house, whose birth was heralded in newspaper pages 15 years ago. Now standing nearly six feet tall and with a booming voice, I had no idea about his interests in politics.

“Wajackoyah,” I said instantly, referring to the Roots party presidential candidate, in jest.

“How did you know,” came the response, with a hint of seriousness.

“Because I know everything,” I said jocularly, but gently probed why George Wajackoyah would be his candidate of choice.

“I’d vote for him because he wears a durag. He looks so cool.” That was the depth of our analysis. So, should the Roots party run again in the future and continue to wear a durag, he’s guaranteed one vote from my household. His unconventional campaign platform, evidently, is bearing fruit.

In recent days, he was reportedly in the United States, benchmarking cannabis growing and processing, in readiness for similar ventures in our fertile soils.

Wajackoyah is not worried about rallying his base in the final days of the campaign; his work is done. Now he’s planning on his transition — and smoking weed — to celebrate his victory, as he has promised.

While he was away in the US, Wajackoyah’s running mate Justina Wamae had her moment of fame on national TV. She explained the political economy of bangi and the various products that emanate from the plant.

They are both right; our land is ripe for crop diversification and from what the two have been teaching us in recent months, we should have tried bangi at Galana Kulalu, in place of corn, many years ago.

I did not hear any elaboration on the economics of hyenas’ testes, apparently also being targeted for the Chinese market.

We still don’t know which parts of the organ the Roots party will consider for export and what will be consumed locally.