This is why the youth are running away from their duties

Boda boda operator shows his riding skills.

All evolutionary evidence indicates that humans are becoming more intelligent, faster to adapt, adjust, think and act more efficiently.

Some of it is need-driven, like competition for resources, but we learn from our ancestors and build upon that knowledge to pass on to the next generation. This may not take place at the same level in all societies, but it genuinely pays to be aware, gets more imaginative, and can act with the enterprise in an increasingly interconnected world. Is this “talent” of some sort? I do not know for sure, but younger people today are definitely pushing the envelope in many societies.

Today, of course, we have made great strides, moving away from our principles, from our obligations, day by day. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Today, people everywhere have put money first. Robberies, cheating, killing, drug, shooting, the only purpose behind all these reasons is just money, big houses and luxury cars. While every generation feels that it’s at the epitome of human progress & morals and often, the younger generations look down upon, the older one thinking they are technologically backward and the older looks down upon, the younger generation saying they are ignorant or lack of knowledge.

The younger generation has an increased desire for instant gratification. They don’t want to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to build an empire. With people finding success over the internet, living lavish curated lives shows the best parts of these lifestyles and not the hard work to get there. That really changes the stigma of the previous generation to the ones we have now.

Of course, as revealed by their contempt for all but themselves. This is no secret but happily demonstrated by their public behaviour, dress and language. And is the inevitable result of raising children as creatures to revere, not teach to be dutiful. The old adage “spare the rod and spoil the child” is no longer a warning but an edict, creating selfish monsters.

Making money is not a bad thing; but money can be earned honestly. Money earned at the expense of one’s own principles only hurts. Today’s young generation is full of anger, madness, stubbornness, destructive behaviours and is not good for the society.

Today when a son is born parents, are not happy as before. They have many dreams in their minds, thinking that tomorrow our son will support our old age. He will stand by us in time of sorrow.

But are they really fulfilling their parents’ dreams, or their dreams and desires? Are they serving our elderly parents? If we respect our elders today and serve them with love, then when our children look at us, they too will develop a passion for helping the elders with respect, love, care.

It is a privilege to serve one’s parents. Those who respect and serve elders are fortunate because the blessings bestowed by the elders are never in vain.

Writer is a veteran journalist in Canada