A sick US gun policy


Relatives of children at the school gathered at a nearby civic centre to comfort each other. [BBC]


The latest shooting, which has left 19 children and two adults dead, once again underlines in blood the folly of America's policy on guns.

The children and their teachers were mowed down by a teenager in a primary school in Texas. Although such mass shootings are not uncommon, many US citizens still insist on their right to possess guns, a right that is enshrined in their constitution.

While no one can begrudge anyone from bearing arms legally, there is a problem when nut cases lay their hands on the dangerous weapons and use them to snuff out the lives of children.

The US has a problem, but it is reluctant to address it. If it can't regulate the issuance of gun licences more stringently, it should remove guns from civilian hands. If nothing done children will continue to die for reasons they cannot understand. It is a shame, America.