Church must be called to order even if by self-regulation

The church must be regulated so that the few rogue cons do not come in the way of the genuinely commissioned. [Courtesy]

Mama Ida Odinga was right to call for church regulation. She was also right to retract her statement for raising debate that was beyond her intention. In the first instance, she applied knowledge. In the second instance, she applied wisdom.

It is said that knowledge is knowing what to say and wisdom is knowing where to say it. In the current political climate, it has become hard to have logical discussions on anything.

Every topic is viewed from a narrow politically biased prism to sustain propagandist political messaging. But we must discuss it. Deep down, everyone knows that the church in Kenya has become a den for conmen and thieves.

Where there was doubt, the media has strived to remove that doubt. In the year 2014, KTN’s Jicho Pevu exposed one of the many so-called prophets and pastors-Victor Kanyari. He of the Sh310 fame.

The expose was so graphical, revealing a squad that works on fake testimony scripts and using potassium permanganate and well-hidden needles to signify some miraculous works.

Yet, the next Sunday his church was full to the maximum. For lack of regulation, no action was taken, no investigation, no summons. Nothing.

In the Bible, Jesus sent his Disciples to all corners of the world. [Courtesy]

Some similar exposes in other sectors have led to investigations with serious repercussions. Many have been sacked and other measures taken. The Uhuru Owino slum and the lead poisoning story led to an award of billions.

Many have been taken advantage of in the name of God. Some have abandoned their careers and given their wealth to church ‘Dads’ and ‘Mums'. Many church leaders are randy philanderers.

Their luxurious lifestyles remain only a dream for most of their congregants. Whatever the 'men of God' desire, they get through contributions but whatever their congregants desire will be through prayers.

Ida's statement was just in passing. However, there have been previous attempts to streamline the church and other faiths. In 2016 the Attorney General was fiercely resisted. The church insisted on self-regulation. We are yet to see the leadership living up to that promise.

As it is, more continue to mushroom-most of them not living up to what Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to do.

In the Bible, Jesus sent his Disciples to all corners of the world. Now, every corner of the world has its own disciple with his own unique interpretation and doesn’t care about reaching out to any other corner.

The church must be regulated so that the few rogue con men and women do not come in the way of the genuinely commissioned men and women of God. God is a God of order. 

Writer is an anchor at Radio Maisha