Siaya: Police seize bhang worth Sh9m, arrest man

Gunny backs with bhang intercepted in Siaya. [NPS]

Police officers in Siaya County have arrested a man ferrying 298 kilograms of bhang valued at Sh9 million.

The suspect, a driver, identified as Justus Onyango Malaki was arrested on the Siaya-Nyadorera road, and faces charges of trafficking narcotics.

The operation was based on a tip-off from an informant, who reported that a large consignment of bhang was being transported from Busia to Nairobi via a grey Toyota Voxy.

The officers from Siaya Police Station then set up a roadblock and waited for the vehicle. Upon spotting it, they signaled it to stop, but the driver ignored it and sped past the roadblock. The officers gave chase and fired warning shots at the vehicle. One of the shots hit the front right tire and deflated it, forcing the vehicle to slow down and stop.

The driver attempted to flee on foot but was caught and subdued by the officers. Police said a search of the vehicle revealed six gunny sacks in the boot, which contained dried leaves and stems of cannabis sativa.

Authorities confirmed that the substance was bhang, weighing 298.5Kg, with a street value estimated at Sh8.9 million.

The case has been transferred to the Anti-Narcotics Unit for more investigations and prosecution.