Police go after ACK bishop at his home in Kisumu, it turns out he is in Nairobi

Police on Tuesday morning, April 4 raided the home of Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Bishop David Kodia over reasons yet to be known.

Bishop Kodia is stationed in Bondo, Siaya County. He is Nyanza Region’s chairperson of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK).

The police officers, who arrived at Kodia’s rented house in Migosi Ward at around 8am, drove away upon noticing journalists’ presence.

Police surrounded Bishop David Kodia’s home in Migosi Ward, Kisumu County on April 4, 2023. [Clinton Ambujo, Standard]

Kodia’s family said the officers demanded to see the bishop.

As police camped outside Kodia’s home in Kisumu, it later turned out that the bishop was in Nairobi, some 350 kilometres away.

Speaking to The Standard in Nairobi, Kodia said his family had been informed that he was being sought for allegedly taking part in money laundering.

ACK Bishop David Kodia during an interview with The Standard in Nairobi on April 4, 2023. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

“I have never received any court order that allows police to come to my place. I am not a criminal that can be arrested without a court order,” said Kodia.

“The police officers, who went to my place in Kisumu, said they were sent by one Farouk. I don’t know who this Farouk is, I have never met him and I don’t know how important he is. I am a very small person; you don’t have to carry guns to come and arrest me. You simply send me a note, and I will take myself to the nearest police station.

“When they interrogated my family, they said I am involved in money-laundering. Surely, they need to have a better lie. I don’t understand why this people came to my home.