MP seeks probe into 'missing' Sh17 million meant for road

West Mugirango MP Steve Mogaka. [Stanley Ongwae, Standard]

West Mugirango MP Steve Mogaka has written to investigating and assets recovery agencies seeking answers on how over Sh17 million meant for Ting'a- Igenaitambe road allegedly vanished.

In the financial year 2021/2022, the MP says a total of Sh17.5 million was allocated for the road after KERRA advertised it for opening, grading and gravelling together with culverts.

Mogaka says he has asked the EACC, DCI, DPP, Asset Recovery Agency and Auditor General to investigate and audit all KERRA 2021/22 projects and to prosecute or recover the public money before the road maintenance for 2023 financial year commences.

The MP alleges that nothing was done on the approximately 10-kilometre road. “To my surprise, all the tender money was paid in full despite the road being incomplete in that financial year.”

In a letter dated February 8, 2023 and sent to the Director General Kenya Rural Authority, the MP requested for all public documents related to the project.

“My examination of the road maintenance budget under 22 per cent for West Mugirango Constituency indicates that Sh5.9 million has been set aside for regular maintenance of Ting’a Road in the 2022/23a financial year,” the MP wrote.

The letter was received by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution on February 9. KERRA also received the letter on the same day.

“It is apparent that there is a criminal enterprise that has been pilfering public resources in my constituency. KERRA has again advertised the same road for routine maintenance in 2023/24 financial year with an allocation of Sh5.9 million yet it was not completed in the previous year."

He has vowed to will camp in the respective offices until they get to the bottom of the issue and his people get the road.