Mandera targets over 100,000 residents in Cholera vaccination drive

Governor Mohamed Kalif takes the Oral vaccine outside his office in Mandera on August 3, 2023. [Ibrahim Adan Ali, Standard]

Mandera County has launched mass cholera vaccination drive that targets at least 175,575 people.

Governor Mohamed Kalif the drive is in response to an outbreak that has plagued Mandera East in the past seven months.

He said a total of 2,263 patients have been admitted to cholera treatment centers with another 15 patients having succumbed to the disease.

The disease has impacted vulnerable populations including children, pregnant women, and those with limited access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

"We have witnessed families torn apart, livelihoods disrupted, and communities left in despair due to these recurring cholera outbreaks." Said the governor.

In an effort to convince his public that the oral vaccine does not cause any harm, the governor said the drug was tested and proven to be safe and effective

"I want to assure the public that the vaccine we are launching today has undergone rigorous testing and proven to be safe and effective in preventing cholera infection,” he said.

Kalif pledged to improve water and sanitation facilities across the county as it contributes to cholera outbreak in the sub counties

"In addition to the vaccination drive, we will continue investing in improving water and sanitation facilities across our County as it is crucial in preventing the spread of cholera and other waterborne diseases,” said Kalif.

The county boss urged the residents to seize the opportunity to protect themselves, their families and the entire community from the devastating effects of the disease.

This he said will play a major role in building a healthier and more resilient county.

His sentiments were echoed by Health Department Executive Committee Member Mohamed Omar who said the exercise will end on Saturday August 12.

Omar while blaming the spread on the porous Somalia border urged the communities in Mandera to minimize unnecessary movement across the borderline.

"We are sharing a boundary line with Somalia that has unstable government which cannot monitor disease movement. Therefore, I urge everyone to take care of themselves as they cross the borderline,” said Omar.

The campaign targets all populations above the age of one year who are at risk of contracting cholera disease if exposed as the county strives to reach 100 per cent target.

Across the country, the Health Ministry said the case load stands at 11,181, with one hundred and ninety-six (196 fatalities recorded so far across twenty-six counties.

In an effort to address the escalating situation, the Health Ministry announced on Wednesday, August 2, it had initiated a countrywide vaccination campaign.

Some 2.2 million people above the age of one were vaccinated against the disease in the first round of vaccination conducted in February 2023 in Nairobi, Garissa, Tana River, and Wajir counties.