How farming is slowly gaining traction in Wajir

Wajir County is inhabited by pastoralist communities who for many years have depended on livestock keeping as their main source of income.

Due to severe droughts, many families have been subjected to poverty.

Despite the lack of enough rain in the Northern part of Kenya, the people of Wajir are now gradually embracing other income generating activities like Agriculture.

Meet 84 year old Mzee Noor Kabaweyne from Tarbaj Constituency who is living proof that food security is possible in the county just like in any part of the country.

Mr Kobaweyne and his fellow farmers from Kutulo, Tarbaj Sub County have embraced farming as an alternative source of Livelihood.

“I have harvested Maize, Water Melon and Sorghum. We thank the County Government of Wajir Department of Agriculture and Mr Abdi for supporting and motivating us to venture into farming,” says a jovial Noor.

Tarbaj Member of Parliament Hussein Abdi Bare has been leading a campaign to encourage his constituents to till and cultivate their lands and today they are reaping the fruits of their hard work.

He lent his support to the farmers with tools like tractors, fuel and seeds.

He says that he is doing this so that his people can be independent and he also wants to encourage pastoralists in Northern Kenya to embrace farming.

“Farming is an essential part of our communities because it helps provide food for people and supports local businesses. When farmers grow crops and raise animals, they create jobs and stimulate the local economy,” he said.

“They also help ensure that people have access to fresh, healthy food."

According to the legislator, there is an untapped potential in the lands and by instilling the culture of farming, there is no doubt that Northern Kenya will be on the same page as other counties that are known for farming.

“I am happy that the farmers from the constituency can now cash in on favourable prices for maize and Sorghum amid a scarcity of grain in the Kenyan market,” he said.

Mzee Ali another local farmer from Tarbaj thanked the County Department of Agriculture and requested for more seeds while congratulating the MP for opening their eyes and helping them realise their potential.