Political parties tipped on manifestos to boost growth

Vision 2030 Managing Director Kenneth Mwige on November 20, 2020 [David Gichuru, Standard]

Political parties have been urged to align their manifestos with Kenya’s long-term development blueprint - Vision 2030. 

Kenneth Mwige, the Director-General, Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat (below) said this would help safeguard the country’s economic development strategy.

He said most of the manifestos being launched by those seeking public office ahead of the August elections are either unrealistic or too complex. 

Mr Mwige, who was speaking during a sensitisation session for political parties in Nairobi on Wednesday, insisted that manifestos should be broken down for easy consumption by ordinary Kenyans. 

He said aligning parties’ manifestos with the Vision 2030 economic blueprint would ensure continuity in the execution of key projects. 

“When a new administration takes over, it does what it thinks is important,” he said, adding that this ends up being touch-and-go in some projects.

Vision 2030 has three pillars — economic, social and political. The aim of this long-term development blueprint is to transform Kenya into a middle-income country where citizens enjoy a high standard of living.

Mwige discouraged political parties from compiling what he called “academic manifestos” filled with jargon that does not explain in detail how they will be achieved. 

“We just want to know (as citizens) how water will get to us,” he said. 

The manifestos, Mwige said, should be informed by economic realities and the country’s development agenda. 

“We want the manifestos to speak to Kenyans,” he said. 

Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu said the sensitisation session, which was attended by secretary generals of political parties, among other officials, was meant to amplify the issues around the political pillar of Vision 2030. 

“We are discussing how best parties can work out their manifestos to capture the aspiration of vision 2030 political pillar,” she said.