Govt launches border management program to heighten security

Internal PS, Raymond Omollo during the launch of the revised Kenya Coordinated Border Management Program (KCBMP)[Samson Wire,Standard]

The Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo has launched the Kenya Coordinated Border Management Program (KCBMP) aimed at strengthening national border security.

While presiding over the launch on March 4 in Kabete, Nairobi, Ps Omollo stated that the initiative is an achievement toward ensuring the security and efficiency of the country’s ports of entry and exit.

“The updated program encompasses critical dimensions of border management, It delves into the intricacies of a border management system that embraces both domestic coordination within and between agencies in the country as well as international coordination involving collaboration between neighboring countries and trading partners to enhance security and promote economic and social cohesion,” said Omollo.

He said that the program will help in coordination and efficient approach to tackling organized crime and other threats that undermine security and development.

The PS further noted that the initiative encourages an accountability framework and the sharing of resources by enhancing the effectiveness of border agencies in providing security.

“ The program also recognizes the significance of managerial skills in border management, which are indispensable for our officers as they navigate diverse situations daily, ensuring the safety and efficient movement of people and goods across our ports of entry and exit,” he said.

The program developed by the Border Management Secretariat (BMS)  focuses on emerging technologies targeted at fostering both National and International cooperation to strengthen border security.