Why I am pushing Housing Plan, President Ruto persuades Kenyans on Finance Bill, 2023

President William Ruto attended a church service in Kakamega. [Source: WSR; Twitter]

President William Ruto has given four reasons why he thinks the Housing Plan in the Finance Bill, 2023, will help revive the country's economy.

The Housing Plan requires salaried Kenyans to contribute 1.5 percent of their earnings to the government for the construction of affordable Houses across the country.

He was speaking during a church service in Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County.

In what looks like a persuasion tactic, the president says that through the Housing project, the government will create jobs, enhance local manufacturing, eradicate slums, and encourage the productive use of land.

"The reason why I am pushing for housing is to create employment. Through the construction of 200, 000 houses annually I aim at creating one million jobs for our youths," the President says, sending the audience to unclear murmurs.

"We can also increase manufacturing in the country through housing by reverse land fragmentation which is threatening food security. Slums are growing and taking up land meant for farming. We will eliminate slums in Kenya,"

He explained then posed a question, "Do you have any more questions for me?"

He has also criticized his opposers who according to him, insist on using the same method and expecting different results.

"These people who speak a lot of English keep on saying how Kenya should be like Singapore. Their president was here a few weeks ago. It was once a slum, like Kibra, today it is a first-world country. If you want us to be like Singapore or Malaysia, then we must make the decisions they made. Going on the streets with a sufuria on your head will not change anything. Is it so?"

The president also told Kakamega ACK faithful that the only way to salvage the economy is by either collecting more taxes or taking more debts.

"Do you want us to take more debts or collect tax?" he asks then laughs at the response from the audience.

He has also criticised his rival party, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), for initiating disciplinary action against Members of Parliament who supported the Bill and absentees.

"If you are an MP opposing the Finance Bill, you want us to import [goods and services] while Kenyan youth are unemployed? We can make things here in Kenya. Are we together? If a party writes you a letter supporting the Bill, have you read the Mwananchi letter? They want employment. Should the MPs pass the bill or not?"

The President has faulted experts pushing the Housing Levy contribution for poor communication with Kenyans and vowed to make things better.

"They are not explaining it properly? We will make arrangements for you to get the proper information. I have to teach people for Kenya to go forward,"