Family launches search for Parselelo Ole Kantai

Investigative journalist Parselelo Ole Kantai. [Courtesy, Twitter]

Gloom engulfed social media site Twitter, as family and friends embarked on a search for investigative journalist Parselelo Ole Kantai.

In a poster shared across various social media platforms, Kantai was last seen in Hurlingham late on Tuesday 4th October 2022.

“My cousin and brother Parselelo has been offline. Do let us know if you are able to help trace him,” tweeted Wallace Kantai, Assistant Director at Central Bank of Kenya.

Members of his family have pleaded with authorities to help them find their kin.

“I didn't want to post it because I didn't want it to be real. I guess I have no choice now. Please help me find my brother. He was fine on Tuesday. Just fine. Going to a meeting. And then nothing. Total silence. He is an investigative journalist. Please help,” tweeted Resson Kantai.

Fellow journalists and media practitioners have also weighed on the search for Kantai.

“Please help find him,” tweeted journalist Linus Kaikai.

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has condemned such disappearances.

“My friend, Parselelo Ole Kantai is a fearless journalist! I hope he is alive!” said Miguna

Apart from being an investigative journalist, Kantai has also been featured on a citation at the University of Wollongong Australia titled: ‘Writing History’s Silences: Interview with Parselelo Kantai’

Anyone with relevant information on his whereabouts is requested to call phone numbers provided.