Two men arrested for impersonation, bribery

Two men who posed as immigration officers and demanded bribes in order to issue immigration documents have been arrested by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The two have since been identified as Patrick Kizengwa Kilaya and Billy Kidula Adingo.

They are alleged to have swindled a Norwegian citizen of Sh370,000 by promising to get him a Kenyan work permit and other documents.

The victim alerted the EACC, which launched a sting operation and arrested them.

The anti-graft body will present them in court next week.

According to investigations by EACC, the two are Department of Immigration Services employees but were operating as brokers and impostors at Nyayo House, the headquarters of the department.

EACC says that they have received several complaints from the public about similar scams involving fake immigration officers who extort money from unsuspecting applicants.

It is probing claims that some Immigration Officials at Nyayo House are involved in a racket that charges people seeking immigration documents.

It urged the public to report any cases of corruption or fraud in the immigration sector and to avoid dealing with brokers or middlemen while advising people to use the official channels and procedures for obtaining immigration services and documents.