Ruaraka woman in trouble after a man she assaulted with lover dies

A woman is facing murder charge after the man who was cohabiting with her died after being assaulted.

The deceased Braiton Litoro is said to have succumb to injuries inflicted on him by the suspect and her male accomplice on March 15, 2023.

Celestine Adhiambo Ayeko, 36, shall be arraigned at the Nairobi high court to answer to the charges after the investigating officer informed the court that the suspect's boyfriend had succumbed and that the charge sheet needed to be amended to reflect the murder.

According to investigating officer, Oyeko, a mother of four jointly with her new lover not before the court seriously assaulted the deceased before throwing him down from a building where they lived in Nairob’s Baba Dogo estate.

Ayeko had been accused of unlawfully attempting to cause the death of Litoro.  She is said to have plotted to end their relationship with the deceased who was paying rent for her and taking care of the children.

 She abruptly ended their relationship before changing the padlocks to the house they cohabited and notified the deceased to stop paying her rent.

Police report indicates that on the fateful night, Oyeko returned home with her new lover at around 11pm only to find the deceased in the house.

His presence provoked the two new lovebirds who jointly assaulted him before throwing him off the balcony.

Lucky enough, Litoro was rescued by his father and rushed to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital before he was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

Litoro was later pronounced dead while in ICU.