What Polycarp Igathe wants for Nairobi residents

Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Polycarp Igathe. [Esther Jeruto, Standard]

Nairobi County Jubilee governor candidate Polycarp Igathe and his deputy Prof Philip Kaloki launched their manifesto yesterday.

The manifesto that was distributed at Ngara market focuses on Society, Economy and Environment. Igathe said the three main focus areas will address city’s problems, saying its time that Nairobi gets a governance focused more on delivery of essential services and not incessant politics.

He said Stawisha Jamii pillar aims to fight hunger and deprivation, provide good healthcare and wellbeing, enhance social protection and ensure universal access to quality education.

Igathe said he wants to improve economy through ease of doing business, promote Nairobi brand, assure and create decent jobs, improve mobility and transport and promote e-government, compliance and enforcement.

He also said that they plan to provide clean water, proper sanitation and garbage collection, proper urban planning, zoning and land use and enhance safety, security and disaster management.

"We intend under economy pillar, to build modern 150 new markets from the current 47, introduce Sh850m Wezesha Biashara credit guarantee fund for youth and women, launch a universal single business permit,’’ said Igathe.

He added: "We shall also facilitate light manufacturing hub in every ward, provide free Wifi hotspots in public spaces and schools. We will ensure preferential procurement by the county from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and facilitate market access, exports and linkages for MSMEs."

Igathe assured traders at Ngara market that he will build modern semi-permanent stalls and kiosks with over 12 designs done by Jua Kali artisans and charge universal single business permit. Speaking yesterday, Igathe also assured city traders that they will not be chased away from streets, but shall continue as they look for stalls for them.

He said they decided to launch their manifesto at the market because Nairobi is supported economically by men, women and youth who sell at markets and the big chunk of the manifesto is economy.

"Here in Ngara, there is a big land where we shall cooperate with Kenya Railways to acquire it legally to put up another market," Igathe told the traders.

Ngara market has been there for over 40 years, but traders use makeshift stalls made of old iron sheets that are erected along walls of apartments. The traders welcomed the plan to build them a modern market, saying it will sheltered them from harsh weather. 

"We are so happy to hear that Igathe will build us a market. This one has been there for over 40 years, but we sell on these worn-out stalls and rain and sun affect us,’’ said John Kamau, a trader.

Igathe also said he will provide markets with incinerators to be able to burn garbage and use the ash for other purposes. Igathe's deputy Kaloki said they have visited most of the markets in the county and found they all need modern stalls.

"After starting with Ngara, we shall do build the same in all other constituencies," he said.