MP, sex worker night drama exposes new trap by CBD twilight girls

The MP met the twilight girl on City Hall Way at night on May 31, 2021. [File, Standard]

Commercial sex workers plying their trade in Nairobi’s central business district have devised a new method of defrauding their unsuspecting clients, The Standard has learnt.

A youthful Member of Parliament recently lost Sh45,000 to a sex worker in a delicately choreographed scheme, which also has police officers involved.

The MP, whom we won't identify, met the twilight girl on City Hall Way on May 31 and agreed to the billed act.

However, the sex worker suggested they get intimate inside the lawmaker’s car – a sport utility vehicle – “to avoid time-wasting and unnecessary costs”.

The MP, who was alone in the car at the time, agreed, and drove a few metres away; towards Parliament Road, and parked under a tree on the roadside. However, before he could get to the act, which was to cost him Sh5,000, he heard people knocking on his rear window. Upon checking, he saw persons dressed in police uniform.

Terrified, the MP lowered his windows, only for smartphone shutter sounds to follow like a round of applause. He had been photographed at his most vulnerable state: semi-naked, with a woman, on the back-seat of a car, at night, and he holds the mheshimiwa title in society; all these would make for the sugariest gossip in the country; both for mainstream and non-mainstream news platforms.

The police officers, three in number, thereafter, asked the legislator to part with Sh40,000 lest they leak his sexually-suggestive pictures to the media.

Cornered, with a reputation to protect, a polygamous marriage to salvage and a future to shield, the MP reached the driver’s armrest, whipped out bundles of a thousand shilling notes, counted 40 of them, and gave it to the men in uniform.

“I hope I won’t see the pictures anywhere,” he said.

“We give you our word; these pictures, as far as we are concerned, are non-existent,” they told the visibly-shaken lawmaker, who sped off thereafter.

At the time, the sex worker had already pestered him to give her the Sh5,000 that they had earlier agreed on. Upon receiving the money, she opened the rear passenger door and left, so that the MP could deal with his “mess”.

In total, the MP lost Sh45,000 that night.

In yet another incident, of similar nature, a Nairobi-based real estate manager was swindled out of Sh10,000 by a sex worker in Nairobi’s central business district.

The youthful man had agreed a service fee of Sh3,000 with the twilight girl, and had parked his vehicle on Kimathi Street, near the Mama Ngina Street junction.

However, before he and the woman could get down to “business”, police officers, who were dressed in civilian clothes, knocked on his car window, photographed him and demanded a bribe of Sh10,000 for silence. The man managed to raise Sh7,000, which he gave to the said-cops.

The man, thereafter, drove off. He shared his ordeal with The Standard in confidence.

A security guard, who works at the International House, which is adjacent to Hilton Hotel, told The Standard they are aware of the sex workers’ con scheme, but because the women tip them handsomely, they rarely disrupt the choreographed money-raising trap.

The Standard understands the sex workers usually signal their accomplices on when to ambush.

“They usually send a coded text to the police officers, or when on the front seats, they press the brake pedal or hoot to alert the cops who are usually hovering around to ambush,” said the security guard.

Most of these incidents occur when the CBD is vacated ahead of the 10pm curfew cut-off.

The twilight girls operate mostly on City Hall Way, Parliament Road, Harambee Avenue, Kimathi, Mama Ngina and Koinange streets.

It is alleged the cops, who conspire with the sex workers to defraud unsuspecting clients, are attached to Kamukunji and Central Police stations.

The Standard reached Kamukunji OCS Mwangi Kiambuthi for comment.

“I’m not aware of such incidents involving my juniors. I, however, ask victims, if any, to come forward and file formal complaints so that we launch investigations,” he said.

Kiambuthi said his jurisdiction as Kamukunji police boss ends at the National Archives area on Tom Mboya Street.

“Beyond that [location], kindly ask the other area OCSs or sub-county commanders,” he said.

The Standard’s attempts to get a comment from Central OCPD, John Nyamu, were futile as our communication to him went unanswered.