Uhuru to chair national Covid-19 conference ahead of address

President Uhuru Kenyatta will preside over the National Covid-19 pandemic conference before he announces the way forward in regard to various containment measures in place. 

President Uhuru (pictured) was scheduled to address the nation on Friday, September 26 but Head of Civil Service Joseph Kinyua said the event had been pushed forward to enable the conference take place.

This means the containment measures, including the 9pm-4am curfew, will be extended until September 29.

“It is therefore notified for the General Information that His Excellency the President has extended the subsisting containment measures announced during the Eleventh Presidential Address up to Tuesday, September 29, 2020,” he said in a statement.

Kinyua said the planned conference will be presided over by the President on Monday after which he will make his 12th national address on the Covid-19 situation on Tuesday.

Uhuru made the 11th national address on August 26, where he announced the extension of the curfew by 30 days among other measures to contain the spread of the virus.

"Flattening the Covid-19 curve is a national endeavour that requires action at the individual, community, county, and national levels. Every one of us must play our part for Kenya to triumph over the disease," Kinyua said.

He said to take stock of the efforts made in combatting the pandemic, the National Emergency Response on Coronavirus (NERC) has convened the conference to review our national and county Covid-19 response and in consultation with all stakeholders, chart Kenya’s post-Covid-19 future.

The conference will feature participants from the entire spectrum of our national life.

“This pivotal conference is tipped to be a turning point in Kenya’s fight against  Covid-19; and is expected to chart a responsible path forward for Kenya as our Nation establishes the new normal of adaption to living with Covid-19,” he said.

He added the meeting will also outline a strategy for building and sustaining momentum with regard to recovery and resilience in a manner that ensures that Kenya bounces back better and stronger and showcase good practices which have strengthened economic resilience and self-reliance, including the strengthening of our capacity for local manufacturing.

It will also honour various persons who have emerged as ‘Covid-19 Heroes’ due to their exemplary and selfless service to Kenya during the pendency of this Pandemic.

Kinyua said the address by the president will unveil the containment measures that shall guide Kenya into the new normal.

He urged all Kenyans are urged to continue observing the guidelines and protocols issued by the Ministry of Health, including proper wearing of facemasks, rigorous and frequent washing of hands, and strict observance of physical and social distancing.