Activist Boniface Mwangi arrested

Activist Boniface Mwangi who has been arrested, reason unknown.

DCI detectives have this afternoon arrested activist Boniface Mwangi from his Nairobi house. 

According to a tweet seen by Standard Digital, Mwangi said he was being taken to Central Police Station, Nairobi.

Chief Inspector of police George Muchiri in a statement says he has reason to believe that Boniface Mwangi has information that may help him to investigate alleged organization of a revolution that is likely to cause civil unrest and breach of peace.

“You are not obliged to state anything but should you elect to state anything, it will be taken down in writing and may be used as evidence,” he cautions Mwangi.

Statement as seen from police.

Activist Boniface Mwangi is no stranger to controversy.

The activist was last in the headlines on April 30, 2019 among a group of protesters at an anti-corruption demonstration.

About 50 activists camped at the historic Freedom Corner at Uhuru Park ahead of what they termed as a “mega protest”.

The activists, who went by “the Red Vest Movement” chanted anti-corruption slogans and sang protest songs.

He championed for the release of BettieWaShiro who was the face of the anti-corruption protest.  

At the time, Mwangi tweeted;