Jubilee, NASA unite to hand victory to Beatrice Elachi as county speaker

Beatrice Elachi (centre) escorted to the Nairobi County Assembly after taking oath of office as the new speaker of the assembly on 6/9/17-Beverlyne Musili,standard

Former nominated Senator Beatrice Elachi has vowed to serve both the majority and minority members and uphold the Constitution. Elachi said this on Wednesday after becoming the second speaker of the city county assembly.

Her first order of business, was to oversee the swearing-in of Ruai Member of County Assembly, John Kamangu as deputy speaker Kamangu. Kamangu was elected unopposed for the position.

Elachi trounced four other candidates that had been shortlisted for the highly coveted position. Former Karura Ward MCA Kamau Thuo, outgoing Kidero- chief of staff George Wainaina, former nominated MCA Karen wanjiku and Parklands MCA candidate loser Abdi Ali were all edged out.

First round win

Elachi clinched the seat after winning in the first round of voting where she raked in 90 votes out of a possible 122. The win was made possible through concerted efforts from both Jubilee and National Super Alliance (NASA) members.

Coming in second was Abdi Ali with 27 votes, Wainaina garnered four votes coming in third, Karen wanjiku one vote and lastly Kamau Thuo was fifth with no single vote.

The former Majority Whip at the Senate met the required two-thirds majority threshold in the first round claiming victory over her rivals. She now becomes the second assembly speaker after her predecessor Alex Magelo. This follows a public endorsement of Elachi by President Uhuru Kenyatta two weeks ago at State House.

"Having met the two thirds majority requirement, I declare Beatrice Elachi as the next County Assembly speaker," announced Clerk Jacob Ngwele.

The clerk consequently ordered the Sergeant-at-arms to search for Elachi and present her to the assembly. She took the oath of office, signed a certificate and assumed her role as the first woman speaker of county.

President's call

"We vowed to vote for Elachi and we have done it, I am elated that the members chose to heed the president’s directive," said Abdi Guyo, Matopeni MCA.

Interestingly, during the voting process, some Jubilee members claimed they were incapacitated and needed assistance voting. Dandora Phase Three MCA, Charles Thuo, Peter Warutere (Roysambu) and Peter Wahinya (Ngando) said they had suffered hand injuries and asked the Sergent-at-arms and Beatrice Elachi's agent to help them vote and escort them to the polling booth.

"Mr Speaker there are some members that are incapacitated and need assistance in voting I have two broken fingers myself," said Thuo.

Sources intimated to the Metropolitan, that the members had allegedly been compromised by another candidate and did not want to be seen going against the will of the party by not voting hence using the tactic.

Before the elections, intense lobbying was on-going with the candidates trying to gunner support from members affiliated to both parties.

Members who had already taken oath were seen congregated in groups strategizing how to go about the elections.

All this while, the five candidates competing for the speaker's position were holed in the member's resource centre where they were following proceedings via TV screens.

Jubilee affiliated members threw their weight behind Elachi following President Uhuru's endorsement two weeks ago.

Jubilee was campaigning for Elachi after she was endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta a fortnight ago while NASA was said to have backed Wainaina for the influential position. They however were disappointed after Elachi's win.

In attendance was Nairobi Governor Mike sonko, Deputy Polycarp Igathe, Senator Johnston Sakaja and Embakasi West Mp George Theuri.

Outside the Assembly precincts, families of the members had pitched tent eagerly waiting to see their newly crowned leaders. They sang, danced and ululated in full glare of the public. The scene was reminiscent of one where family members had just received word that you passed exemplary in your KCSE education and you would be joining University.

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