Two Iranians jailed for life for plotting terror attacks

By Standard Digital Reporter

Nairobi, Kenya: A Nairobi court has jailed for life two Iranian men found guilty of plotting terror attacks in Kenya

Ahmed Mohammed and Sayed Mansour were caught with 15 kilos (33 pounds) of explosives in Nairobi last June.

They are accused of belonging to a terror network planning to blow up British, US or Israeli targets in Nairobi and the port city of Mombasa.

Last week, the court found the two guilty and set the judgment for Monday.

The court ruled that both men had been proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt of all terror-related charges.

Prosecutors said the suspects had explosives "in circumstances that indicated they were armed with the intent to commit a felony, namely, acts intended to cause grievous harm".

Swift action by the Kenyan police in apprehending the men had averted mayhem and a massive number of deaths, the court magistrate said.

The two Iranians arrived in Kenya on June 12 last year and travelled to Mombasa to pick up the powerful explosive RDX. They were arrested a week later in Nairobi.

Officers discovered the explosives hidden at a golf course in Mombasa.