DP Ruto directs ministry to disburse free secondary and primary school funds by Monday

Gatundu, Kenya: Deputy President William Ruto has directed  the Ministry of Education and the National Treasury to ensure  that money  for free secondary and primary school education is in schools by Monday.

Speaking at Karinga girls secondary school where he officiated at a fund raiser on Friday, Mr. Ruto emphasized that going forward the monies must be in schools before the schools open so as not to  interfere with  school’s programme.

He noted that the government had increased the money for both free primary and secondary schools by 35%  this financial year so that many needy students can access education opportunities in the country.

Mr. Ruto at the same reiterated that  school heads should  release all certificates  they are holding  due to non-payment of  school fees to the owners immediately adding  any  school head with issues  regarding that directive should hold discussions with  the government after releasing the certificates.

“Those who want to engage in debate about this should read the law which says no institution shall withhold  any certificate or diploma from any candidate and know that they are contravening the law,” he said and added, “Indeed it is an act of impunity to try  to negotiate with the law.”

Noting that some students have been waiting for their certificates for more than 10 years, the Deputy President said school heads should not compound the problem by holding on to the certificates longer. “Am repeating this for clarity, and those who do not believe in me should believe in the law.”

He said it was also for this reason that the government had scrapped examination fees for all class eight and form four students across the country.

Once again the Deputy President said the government was committed to building bridges across communities and religions so as to build one united country and that will scale the heights of development.

Saying Kenyans were tired of engaging in endless competition and politics, Mr. Ruto urged Kenyans to ignore those trying to sow seeds of discord among the people.

He said: “We do not want to go the 2007 way, we want to build one united country where all Kenyans whether they voted for us or not benefit.”

Mr. Ruto emphasized that the government was firmly in control and was on top of all the challenges besieging the country  including the security challenges and will soon neuter the criminals.

Kericho Senator Charles Keter said Kenyans went to the polls last year and brought in jubilee. He said those who are making noise want to get to the leadership of this country through the backdoor and asked Kenyans to safeguard democracy by safeguarding the government.

He charged that some were misleading the Deputy President to stand for Presidency  in 2017  so as to collapse the government adding Kenyans will still elect the jubilee government under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Deputy President William Ruto.

“They are trying to mislead us so as to collapse this coalition but they will not succeed,” added Mr. Keter.

MP for Kilifi South Mustapha Iddi said there was no need to elect a President who is more than 65 years old saying such a leader could not cope with the rigours of the Presidency. Mustapha who is an ODM MP said Raila’s last time to vie for leadership was 2013 adding Kenyans had given him three opportunities to become president but he had squandered all of them.

Senator Mohammed Kuti from Isiolo said Kenyans were auditing leaders both from the government and the opposition and will give their verdict in the next elections in 2017 which he said will be the real referendum unlike that being touted by  the opposition.

Muranga women representative Sabina Chege who is also the chairman of the Parliamentary committee on Education lauded the government for abolishing examination fees for standard eight and form four students saying the gesture will go a long way in opening education  opportunities for all children especially the needy.

She said her committee will also ensure that  school fees is not raised  and remains at the government recommended levels.

Jude Njomo MP for Kiamba lashed out at some leaders in the opposition who for lack of something to do were going round the country inciting people against the democratically elected government, adding Kenyans were now a lot wiser and will not accept to be misled from supporting their popularly elected government.

The MP for Kikuyu Mr. Kimani Ichungwa noted that the government had reclaimed 125 acres of land from the sea for the expansion of the port saying that is the kind of development Kenyans want and not empty words from the opposition.

MP for Githunguri Njoroge Baiya hit out at the opposition for questioning Kenya’s participation in  efforts  aimed at pacifying Somalia noting it was the height of hypocrisy for the former PM to question the decision  to send Kenyan troops to Somalia yet he was party to that decision.

MP for Lari  Mburu Kahangara  criticized  leaders for fomenting trouble in order to ascent to the leadership of the country saying Kenyans were a peaceful people who believed in electing their leaders democratically.

Others present were MPs Aramat from Narok East, Mary Emase from Teso south, Francis Kabe from Juja, Njogu Barua from Gichugu,