How to 'robot-proof' your career

From a full revolution in the agricultural sector, automation is making its way to the workplace. Technology or rather artificial intelligence has brought with it the good and the bad. It has brought a monumental shift in the workplace and many are finding their skill set obsolete. As much as machines have made work easier they equally threaten to take over the world, the work world to be precise.

This, however, does not come as a surprise. We all know how Agriculture moved from manual labour to the use of more efficient tools and machines in the 18th and 19th century.  In continuation, the introduction of computers and the digital world is a revolution that is ever growing. Both blue and white-collar workers are continuously getting affected by automation. Many are living in fear of what is to come, what is going to be replaced next.

We tend to ask ourselves if our jobs are safe from the automation threat and how we can secure our jobs post-automation. How prepared are you? How skillful are you? How will you create value in an increasingly automated world?

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Whether in your current place of work or looking into making a career change, it is crucial to know which skills won’t be written off by artificial intelligence. Let me share with you ten innate human skills that you will need to stand out of the fast-rising machined world:

1.    Critical thinking

As human beings, we possess the advantage of connecting, interpreting and imagining concepts over machines that are slowly getting better at some aspects of critical thinking. Our work lives are becoming more complex and interconnected. Being able to make insightful interpretations is an advantage to progress and survive the post automation period.

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2.    Judgment

Conflicts are inevitable in work places. They are normally never black or white. It can get really challenging to determine what is right or wrong. Problem solving comes with resolutions and negotiations that always stay intact to humans. To have good judgment will enable you to resolve conflicts and offer valuable solutions. This is an irreplaceable trait.

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3.    Creativity

This basically means that you have to develop intuitive randomness that cannot be imitated or automated by machines. Allow your mind to think beyond the norm. That ability to invent and develop ideas with a personal touch is something that artificial intelligence cannot beat. This is a skill that works now and will still work in the future.

4.    Communication skills

Communication is crucial part of our lives. Humans do live in a vacuum. We prefer compelling and sensible information to be able to take action. Robots can communicate, yes, however, what sets apart human communication is the personalisation of information. So, from the time you get people’s attention to getting them to act on what you are telling them; this is a skill that will stand the test of time.

5.  Empathy

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The advantage that we have over machines is our ability to sense emotion and empathise.  Machines can perform duties and chores but they lack the ability to connect. They can’t see things on a different person’s perspective. Empathy requires emotions, feelings and understanding.

6.    Planning

This is a superpower that machines don’t have. They can’t estimate let alone predict the future or plan ahead of time. They tend to do things in the time as per the routines. We anticipate shifts in priorities, unknown outcomes and missing information in our careers.

7.  Teaching

The internet has been the go-to teacher for all sorts of things but nothing beats what you are taught first hand by a person. Not forgetting the fake news on the internet. Teaching requires understanding the context of a person’s development within organisations. That’s why people are always regarded as mentors and professors.

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8.  Tech Management skills

As much as machines are likely to take over the tech-savvy world, having the capacity to create, manage and fix the technology will always be needed. Ironically, after all is said and done, everything will be managed by a person who understands technology better.

9.    Social skills

Machines are soulless and lack the personal coordination skill. They can analyse and calculate faster but can’t handle effective communication and team collaboration skills. If you have the ability to connect, resolve conflicts and negotiate for the betterment of your organisation then your future is safe.

10.  Content creation

It always feels good to see something original and captivating. Having a skill that enables you to be unique always stands out and yet again artificial intelligence will have nothing on you. You will always have new knowledge and extend your time in your career.

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