Anti-humanist Church that advocates for abortion, suicide, sodomy and cannibalism

USA:  The Church of Euthanasia which is more of a pro-death cult was inspired by a dream, in which Rev. Chris Korda claims he confronted an alien intelligence known as The Being who spoke for the inhabitants of Earth in other parts of the universe. The Alien warned that our planet’s ecosystem is failing and needed to be saved.

The being bemoaned the dangers of climate change and overpopulation. Even a major war or epidemics hardly reduce the rate of growth.

It is for these practical reasons, that Euthanasians support voluntary forms of population reduction, including suicide, free abortion, and sodomy, which they define as any sexual act not intended for procreation. They are also fiercely vegetarian, and support cannibalism for those who insist on eating flesh.

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The church was founded in 1992. It claims to be politically correct, but the very euphemism itself reveals deep misgivings within the people who call themselves pro-choice. The Church of Euthanasia is not pro-choice. The Church of Euthanasia is pro-abortion.

The church’s main commandment is “Thou shalt not procreate.” A lot of people seem to have no trouble following this commandment and upholding the four pillars.

    The Church currently has members as far away as Italy and Latvia, though the majority are still in the USA. The Church of Euthanasia and many others like them, abortion is nothing short of a sacrament.

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