Man jailed for life after killing and cooking his elderly parents like barbecued pork

China: A son has been jailed for life for murdering his elderly parents to cook their body parts ‘like barbecued pork’ and then stuffing their dismembered into a fridges.

Hong Kong national Henry Chau Hoi-leung, 31, was caged for life today after being found guilty of murdering his 65-year-old father and 63-year-old mother.

The killer had fallen out with his parents when they told him to go out and get a job because they no longer wanted to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Sentencing him to life behind bars, judge Mr Justice Michael Stuart-Moore said: "People may wonder why you did this. The fact that there is no obvious answer is what makes you so dangerous."

After rowing with his parents Chau accused them of abandoning him and cut them off completely.

So when he invited his parents for lunch at his Hong Kong flat in 2013, his father Chau Wing-ki and mother Siu Yuet-yee thought it was for a reunion.

Instead, when they arrived their son killed them and chopped them up, and then cooked them with rice.

The court heard that he had planned the murder for three months, buying knives and fridges to store the bodies, and microwaves and a cooker.

Members of the jury heard that Chau dismembered the elderly couple before salting and cooking their body parts "like barbecued pork" and packing the flesh into lunchboxes with rice.

Detectives searched his flat soon after his parents were reported missing and discovered two heads in a fridge.

They also found body parts in freezers and bloodstains were still on the floor.

Parts of a body that had not fitted into the freezer had been salted and packed into lunchboxes.

Chau had argued that he was not in his right mind when he carried out the killings because he had been emotionally abandoned by his parents.

He pleaded guilty to murder with diminished responsibility but prosecutors pursued a murder trial and he was convicted on Friday.

Sentencing him to life behind bars at Hong Kong's Court of First Instance, judge Mr Justice Stuart-Moore described Chau as "narcissistic" and "preoccupied with fantasies for success".

He said: "In practice, you have no feelings for other people."

The judge also gave Chau an additional nine years and four months in prison for preventing the lawful burials of his parents, which he admitted. The sentences will be served concurrently.

Chau’s co-defendant Tse Chun-kei, 38, was acquitted of the murder charges. He also admitted he had unlawfully dealt with the couple’s bodies.

The judge jailed him for one year but released him last week as he had already served two years on remand.