DK Kwenye Beat, Hopekid: Kenyans roast Size 8 for allegedly siding with musicians and not victim

Saul Owiti Feb 01,2019

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 A section of online users have accused Size 8 of sympathizing with Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat, and not the 20-year-old woman the singers allegedly sexually exploited.

The two artistes are accused by the the woman of sexually exploiting her with one even infecting her with a sexually transmitted infection.

The backlash came after the star preached forgiveness to her fans through a video shared by DK Kwenye Beat.

In the video Size 8 urged her fans to forgive the musicians because they sinned at a time they had not truly known God.

Many female fans asked her why she was not sympathetic to the victim’s plight and only spoke about the perpetrators.

Size 8, took to her Instagram page to pen a long post claiming she “understands the pain” of the victim, but forgiveness is the first thing she is calling for. 

The post reads:

“People are going through so many things you cannot judge them from just the surface. Love is what people need more than ever. After talking to DK, I also talked to the lady in question after finally getting her contact. She is such a nice lady. And, yes, for sure, she is in great pain. I really feel her. After our talk, she, at least, felt the love of Jesus Christ.” 

The lady in a post on social said that she knew DK and Hope Kid via private message platform on Instagram.

She says DK had unprotected sex with her and, as a result, she contracted Herpes and Human Papilomavirus (HPV).

Both musicians have come out to admit claims and they saying they sinned at a time they had not known God, but they are repentant.