President Uhuru to reject MPs Perks Bill; MPs vow to defy him| #TheBigStory Part 1

KTN News Dec 05,2018

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has maintained his stand against the parliamentary service bill, 2018 in which members of parliament seek to raise their salaries and allowances. The president says that he does not care if he loses the goodwill of the MPs, but he shall side with the common Kenyan who is also against the perks. Perks that members of parliament intent to enhance are house allowances, car loans and insurance covers. Last month, the president rebuked the legislators accusing them of always increasing their pay without considering the welfare of their electorate. The bill that is meant to anchor the remuneration of legislators in law is set to be passed tomorrow. The MPs have vowed to defy the president saying what they are legislating in the bill is just mere formalization of their pay.