Is Kenya ready to fund and spend the all time high national budget? Part Two

The Big Story | Tuesday 12 Jun 2018 9:12 pm

On Thursday this week, the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich will table the national budget estimates on the floor of the national assembly. The estimates for the financial 2018?19 amounts to 3.075 trillion shillings which is an increase by about 400 billion shillings from the last national budget of 2.77 trillion shillings. The budget comes on the backdrop of graft cases dogging various government departments with some already getting a budget cut in return, not to mention the public bloated wage bill and public debt that is way above the recommended ceiling. 

The budget estimates have also factored in the big four agenda that are President Kenyatta’s legacy projects as he served his last term in office. Still, the budget comes at a time the country is showing signs of an economic rebound after shaking off last year’s political risk. So with all these factors at play, is the country ready to fund and spend the all?time high national budget?