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Western MPs gang up against Natembeya over attacks on Wetang'ula

 Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Lawmakers from Western have ganged up against Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya for allegedly insulting National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula.

Led by Sirisia MP John Waluke, the Western MPs Caucus chairman, they said that Natembeya was becoming a thorn in their flesh in their quest to unite the region behind Wetang’ula and Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi ahead of the 2027 polls.

The over 27 MPs drawn from across the political divide were speaking at St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Malava during a funds drive where the Speaker was the chief guest.

“We know who Natembeya is working for by his persistent attacks on Wetang’ula and soon we shall name his master,” said Waluke

The Sirisia MP who termed the governor a ‘political novice,’ told him ‘to respect Wetang’ula’ by virtue of his position as Speaker and be on the forefront in rallying all communities in Trans Nzoia county behind him and stop "inciting the community with his disparaging remarks."

“Natembeya thinks he can be our political supremo and as elected leaders, we should worship him. That will not happen under our watch. He must tow the line because we (MPs) will not engage in a war of words but teach him a ‘political lesson’ in the near future,” said Waluke

“We know where we come from, we know where we are going ahead of 2027 and we want to bring everyone on board. We want the region to cast their votes in one basket in 2027 so that in 2032, we (Luhyas) ascend to power and Natembeya should stop being a stumbling block,” he added.

Shinyalu MP Fred Ikana said that ‘Natembeya thinks he is still in the provincial administration where he used to lecture his juniors.

"We have been patient with him for long and the time to deal with him has come," he said.

“Why is Natembeya being used to scuttle the elusive Luhya unity that for once is being realised under Wetang’ula? Let him respect the Speaker and support his quest to unite the region and not be used to divide us along tribal lines,” said Ikana

Webuye East MP Martin Wanyonyi said, "Natembeya should come slow and stop lecturing the Speaker as if they are equals."

“Who is Natembeya in the first place? That is a political greenhorn. Instead of him trying to flex muscles to be seen as a political kingpin, he should join us and work on a formula of delivering the presidency to one of our own in 2032,” said Wanyonyi

Likuyani MP Innocent Mugabe argued that "no development projects will come to the region if we create divisions among ourselves, as leaders, we must plan ourselves and demand our rightful share in 2027."

His sentiments were echoed by Luanda MP Dick Maungu who appealed to the local leaders to rally behind one leader in order to deliver the presidency in future.

"As a region, we must walk together and rally behind our leaders. When you go to Nyanza, Rift Valley and Central, 98 per cent of the community supports one of their own, let us embrace unity and discuss issues affecting us as a community,” said Maungu

The Luanda MP said there should be no differences between Mudavadi and Wetang’ula.  “We must stick together so that one of them ascends to the higher office, we must unite under one political party.”

“In Western, we have almost eight political parties, that must stop and leaders should start working together,” he added.

Host MP Malulu Injendi said that only unity of purpose would guarantee the Western region the presidency in future. 

Malulu reiterated that Mudavadi and Wetang'ula need the region's support in 2027 by voting as a bloc for President Ruto as they wait for their turn in 2032.

Natembeya has publicly dismissed Wetang’ula and Mudavadi as the region’s political kingpins.

"We cannot follow leaders who have never sacrificed anything for anybody. It’s Ford Kenya that has taken us to poverty and we must say no to that,” he said recently

The governor claimed that currently, the Western region has no political head who can negotiate on behalf of the community, arguing that Wetang’ula's position as Speaker and Mudavadi as Prime Cabinet Secretary cannot bring development projects to the region.

He said that other regions have leaders who are respected like Raila Odinga in Nyanza and Ruto in Rift Valley but in Western 'everybody wants to be a leader'.

 “Western has no leader, who can take us to the table where key decisions are being made. Those (Wetang’ula) who pretend to be leading have only one vote for President William Ruto. If he wakes up and changes his mind, Wetang’ula will be home,” said Natembeya  

"Do you want to be led by a pilot who has no clear direction as to where he is taking us?  Do you want us to tremble and bow down when you (Wetang’ula) pass? That will not happen under my watch as governor,” he added.

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