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Zuchu's split from Diamond sparks online feud with Harmonize, Poshy Queen

 Zuchu's split from Diamond sparks online feud with Harmonize, Poshy Queen. 

Tanzanian singer Zuchu and Poshy Queen, Harmonize's girlfriend, recently engaged in a publicized fight.

The spat ignited after Konde Music Worldwide CEO Harmonize took a jab at Zuchu following her public statement about her split from Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize's video seemingly mocking Zuchu's relationship issues sparked the online feud.

Responding to Harmonize's taunts, Zuchu took to Instagram, calling out the Konde Boy and urging him to stay out of her business.

“Harmonize, the grown man, stop poking your nose into matters that don't concern you. Your woman is busy seeking attention from the one you pretend to be half of. Stop the nonsense," Zuchu wrote.

Poshy Queen, Harmonize's partner, didn't hold back either, taking a swipe at Zuchu's physique on her Instagram account.

"We're done. From head to toe, skin and bones!! Ask again!! Sister, how did I get in here?" Poshy Queen posted.

On Tuesday, Zuchu released a statement citing Diamond Platnumz's controversial lifestyle as a reason for her departure.

In her words, "I know I’m famous and it’s common to be talked about, but please don’t go overboard by giving me false praise just to please the boss, especially in the local media where you can also get the truth and balance your stories."

She continued, "That’s why I left. You get tired of being with a man who pushes you in front of people to be insulted, while he is the one who uses you in a way that degrades you."

“His woman becomes a doormat for everyone around him. Whenever she decides, she joins them and gives them the green light to disrespect me while you [Diamond] remain silent and just swallow it,” Zuchu added.

Addressing rumors of her split with Diamond, Zuchu denied claims that it was due to his ex, Sarah, whom he introduced at a recent music festival.

Diamond had publicly expressed affection for Sarah, citing her influence on his song "Kamwambie."

"I wrote thing song from a personal experience. There is a lady I love a lot and I have seen her in here, her name is Sarah she is the reason I sang the song Kamwambie,” said Diamond while introducing Sarah to the crowd.

"At the time she was very small. She is shy, you know she has a family right now, this is Sarah. I used to love her so much. At the time I used to look at her like she was Beyoncé, she's drive me crazy. She really character developed me, I wrote this because of her,” he added.

However, Zuchu clarified that her decision to part ways with Diamond was due to issues within their relationship, saying that his actions had led to a loss of respect.

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