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How to give your daughter the menstruation talk as a dad

 The menstrual talk will be awkward for most dads (Photo: Courtesy)

I’ll be the first to admit that this subject can be super awkward especially for dads.

Most of the time this discussion is left to be handled by the mom, sister or someone close to them. But sometimes, you’re the only one available to educate your daughter about periods especially if you’re a single dad.

For your kids, it’s also something that they might shy away from or feel too embarrassed to even bring the topic up.

But either way, it’s better if they learn about if from you than from their misguided friends.

To make it somewhat easier, these guidelines will show you how you can tackle this tricky subject as her father:

Do enough research first

Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about menstruation, it happens. Luckily you have access to a lot of helpful information online that will educate you on everything you need to know.

You can find possible questions that your daughter might ask as well as clarification on some of the questions you might have on the topic.

Arm yourself with knowledge beforehand because she may ask some questions and you need to be able to answer them.

 You don't have to about everything all at once (Photo: Courtesy)
Take notes before the talk

It’s easy to forget some important details that you need to talk about. As you do your research, it might help to note down some of the things you will talk about so that you can avoid leaving out crucial points.

Prepare on points like why she needs to carry an extra pad, panty liners or tampons in her bag at all times, what to do in case she stains here clothes or beddings, how often she needs to change and other details that she needs to know.

Start early

There is no direct way to tell exactly when your daughter will get her periods. You can try and estimate but you might be surprised to find that they have started earlier than you had thought. In case her periods start sooner than expected and it catches you off-guard, you might both be a nervous mess.

To make things easier for her, and you too introduce the talk as early as eight years old so that at least she has an idea about it. Although most girls might get their periods at around 12, it’s not the same for everyone.

Don’t discuss everything in one day

Since menstruation is a wide topic, it can be quite challenging to squeeze it all in one day. You will have a hard time grasping everything and for her, understanding every detail might be overwhelming.

For that reason, it’s much better to space out the talk and have it gradually instead of rushing it. You also need time to learn more about it so that you’re confident that the message you’re teaching her is accurate.

Make it as fun as possible

It’s important for her to feel comfortable enough to open up to you. One thing you can do is, make it more of a fun discussion and less of a lecture.

This will also help you feel more relaxed because honestly, you might struggle to get over the awkwardness for a minute too.

Use videos, do fun illustrations and just make it a positive experience for her.

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