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Mum's priceless reaction after finding teen daughter's pregnancy test

 She found a corner of a pregnancy test wrapper on the floor of the bathroom (Shutterstock)

A mum has been praised online for how she reacted when she found out that her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant.

Nicole Hennessy, a mum-of-three, has more than 170,000 followers on TikTok, and regularly shares content of her kids, including her 17-year-old daughter who is seven months pregnant.

Nicole's followers were keen to find out more about her daughter's pregnancy, so after asking for her permission, she got the green light to share her story to TikTok in the hopes it would raise awareness about the topic.

In the clip, instead of condemning her daughter, she educated her on the three options she had, which was greeted with a lot of praise from users for her supportive parenting style.

In the clip she reenacts the very moment that she knew that her daughter was pregnant.

 Nicole's followers asked for a 'story time' on how she found out that her daughter was pregnant (Image: TikTok)

She found a corner of a pregnancy test wrapper on the floor of the bathroom - a dead give away.

Nicole then went to ask her daughter whether the test was hers.

Her daughter reassured her that the test was negative and not to worry, and headed off to school for the day.

But Nicole's gut instinct told her to buy a second test just in case.

 After finding the corner of a pregnancy test wrapper in the bathroom she spoke with her daughter (Image: TikTok)

When her daughter got home from school that day she asked her to take the other test - it came back positive.

Nicole said that her daughter was "confused" and visibly upset, so she suggested three options she could take.

She could either continue with the pregnancy, have an abortion or arrange an adoption.

Her daughter decided to keep the baby and is currently seven months pregnant as viewers can see in Nicole's other videos.

 Nicole gave her daughter three options, continue with the pregnancy, abortion or adoption (Image: TikTok)

Since being posted, the video has been viewed more than 14 million times, has been liked three million times and received tonnes of messages from people praising Nicole and supporting her daughter's decision.

One said: "Showing her all three choices. THIS! So much this! You are a wonderful mother!"

Another added: "YES! this is good and supportive parenting."

And a third said: "I wish there were more supportive moms like you."

What could you talk for 30 minutes about with absolutely no preparation?

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