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Fraciah Kagai: A designer's modern Parisian apartment

 Fraciah Kagai's home

Once a training coordinator at Finance Women Trust, Fraciah Kagai seamlessly transitioned into the realm of interior design. Her portfolio is a testament to her exceptional talent and unparalleled creativity.

Fraciah decided to follow her heart by renovating her mother’s house, investing all her savings from the Sacco into creating a sanctuary for her mum. Little did she know, this act of love would become the catalyst for her flourishing career. When she shared her transformative work online, the response was overwhelming – clients were eager to enlist her expertise.

Fuelled by this newfound demand and unwavering passion, Fraciah made the daring decision to leave her stable job behind and fully immerse herself in the world of interior décor. Her home on the topmost floor unveiled breathtaking vistas that seemed to stretch endlessly beyond the horizon. Glancing around her Instagram-worthy apartment, I found myself mesmerised by the meticulous layout design, a symphony of textures and hues seamlessly intertwined.

“I aimed for a modern Parisian ambience, a fusion of vibrant urban chic with a touch of sophistication,” said Fraciah. It was a makeover from the bohemian farm aesthetic she had once embraced.

“I find most of my pieces in thrift shops; I am drawn to the vintage, old-world allure that adds character to my home,” said Fraciah.

 Fraciah Kagai's modern Parisian apartment

A handmade, huge, plush, velvet tufted emerald green couch beckons one to sink into its luxurious embrace. Flanking the modern fireplace are two cream sofas, their graceful curves adding a touch of refinement to the ambience.

The wooden floor serves as a canvas for handcrafted pieces that add warmth to the surroundings, complementing the space’s aesthetic.

The dining area commands attention with custom-made furniture that exude a Nordic vibe. A round table, surrounded by sleek white wooden chairs, invite guests to gather and linger in conversation.

But it is the lighting that truly steals the show, casting a spell of enchantment throughout her home. A stunning orange cascading ball pendant light seems to beckon with its warm glow, while a magnificent Nordic crystal spherical chandelier hangs overhead, bathing the space in celestial luminance.

The mahogany display cabinet stands as a timeless piece to the elegance of the 50s era.

Stepping into her workspace is akin to stepping onto a stage – dramatic, bold, and utterly captivating.

Drenched entirely in black paint, the walls are a striking canvas against which the wall-to-wall white floating shelves dance. Each shelf a montage of curated treasures, from trinkets to mementoes to beloved books, meticulously arranged in what she fondly refers to as “organised chaos”.

“It’s personal, it’s full of character,” said Fraciah, gesturing proudly to her favourite room in the house. And indeed, the space pulsed with vibrant energy, a reflection of her eclectic personality and boundless creativity.

“For me, it’s about maximising space and embracing risk,” she said.

“I call it colour drenching – when you coat the walls and ceiling in the same hue, it creates an immersive experience that’s both bold and intimate.”

 Fraciah Kagai's workspace at home.

A magnificent mirror, positioned strategically to reflect the dazzling array of floating shelves, adds an extra layer of glamour to the room, tying the look together with effortless finesse.

And nestled beside it, an edgy side cabinet plays host to an array of exquisite display accessories, each one more gorgeous than the last.

Inside her bedroom, a cosy yet modern ambience envelopes the space, with walls adorned by spectacular and unique pieces that speak volumes about her discerning taste

“I designed my bedroom with careful consideration,” she said. “Floating panels for the dressing table a poster bed for that old-world charm – I am a maximalist, but I believe in keeping it minimal.”

A true creative genius, her dedication to crafting the perfect space is palpable in every corner of her home. 

 Fraciah Kagai

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