Study on contraceptive causes panic

Women who have been using Depo Provera as a birth control pill are worried of their lives after a research linked the pill to HIV infections.

The findings of a research done by Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) revealed that Depo Provera, a contraceptive used by many women risks them being infected by HIV and Aids.

In their findings released last week, the pill was found to have more chemicals suspected to make women more prone to HIV infection.

Cheap to access

According to study, the pill which is widely used in Africa because it is cheap to access has about 40 per cent risks of causing HIV infections among users.

These findings have caused panic among women from the county.

Consumer rights activist Florence Machayo has asked Kenya’s Anti-Counterfeit Agency to stop the pill from being imported.

Speaking in Kakamega town Sunday, she said, “The study says the product is harmful to consumers because it has worse side effects than serving its purpose.”

“It is time for Africans to say no to cheap products from abroad,” she added.