Looks over the years: A first lady's savvy fashion sense

Her modest style of dressing is always complete with matching accessories (Photo: Courtesy)

First lady Margaret Kenyatta has on most occasions stolen the spotlight on both local and international occasions thanks to her unique, modest but elegant dress code.

Her modest style of dressing always complete with accessories has over the years looked like a styled costume.

She sometimes steps out in her nipped monochromatic skirts with a sovereign, timeless cut that goes well with her short-cropped peppery hairdo that connotes status. Most times matching up her kitenges (African print) with the President’s made in Kenya shirts.

Remember that time she stepped out in a floral dress accompanied by a black headgear to mark the 57th Jamhuri Day?

Or the time she dressed up in a navy blue kaftan during the G7 summit in 2017 that earned her a lot of praise from Kenyans?

More of her memorable looks include the red dress she wore during a visit to Harvard University. She accessorized with a necklace depicting her love for Kenya.

Not forgetting her eye-catching black kaftan which she matched up with a red and black head wrap during a welcome banquet in South Africa.

Madaraka Day 2015 celebrations saw the First Lady dress up in a free-flowing red caftan and Maasai beadwork to boot and fit with the occasion.

Her passion for African fashion has put her on an international pedestal (Photo: Courtesy)

More often than not, the first lady has been spotted in designs by bespoke designer Akinyi Odongo. She is the creative director of Akinyi Odongo. Akinyi is the CEO of Meta Arts Centre and the owner of Akinyi Odongo Kenya, a high fashion brand.

One lady who has been fortunate enough to dress the first lady, and even those before her, is Sally Karago.

From her SK Collections shop in Nairobi, Sally has dressed First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, former First Ladies Mama Ngina Kenyatta and the late Mama Lucy Kibaki.

Her passion for African fashion has put her on an international pedestal. She launched the Mcensal Fashion House in the 90s and Gucci invited her Mcensal School students to study fashion in Italy.

The late Mama Lucy as described by Sally personally bought her own outfits at her fashion house. She preferred fitting, but matronly colored dresses with matching hats.

Sally is responsible for the elegant kaftans, nipped monochromatic skirts Maasai beadwork to boot-and fit outfits that Margaret is frequently spotted in. The free-flowing dresses Margaret Kenyatta wears are a reflection of the designers’ own love for free fitting wear of which she’s a champion of.