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Create business opportunities for farmers - Syngenta chief

Market By Jael Mboga | February 12th 2021 at 04:20:00 GMT +0300
Syngenta Foundation regional director for East Africa George Osure at the KALRO headquarters on February 12, 2021.

There is a need for organisations in the agriculture sector to create business opportunities for farmers.

Syngenta Foundation regional director for East Africa George Osure on Thursday said farmers too need links on business, something only attainable if quality information is available.

"One of the biggest ideas that have not been effectively exploited is an opportunity created by the research system for business."

Syngenta works with banks and people that provide credit. Although it is risky to lend to agriculture, the risk has been lowered a lot by the government because today, one can take a loan with no security.

Osure added that the Kenyan farmer ought to take advantage of the available technology and policies that will aid their business ventures.

He attended the Mkulima Expo 2021 at the Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization headquarters in Kiambu.

Osure lauded the initiative, saying it provides relevant information to farmers.

As agriculture has been hit by Covid, food production, the export of agricultural commodities, and local trade in agriculture reduced drastically.

Despite all these, players in the agriculture value chains have been resilient and ensured food security was sustained. The expo sought to highlight how various stakeholders have managed to beat the pandemic to ensure food safety and security.

Various agricultural organizations with operations in the thematic areas were exhibiting various products and services aimed at supporting the farming communities.

The displays were agricultural input like seeds, fertiliser, farm machinery and equipment, innovations and technologies, agricultural services including financing options, marketing, extension, and consultancies as well as digital solutions available for farmers.

The exhibition sites were located across most of the regions in Kenya hosted by KALRO Regional Centres countrywide.

Mkulima Expo 2021 is a flagship project event under Farmkenya in partnership with KALRO.

It aims at providing a platform for industry players to showcase products, services, and technology to adopt for increased productivity and agri-enterprises.

This year's theme is Resilience in the agriculture sector amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Exhibitions are on at KALRO Kabete to showcase technology on soil analysis, plant tissue, water, fertiliser, crop protection, etc.

Also available are representatives from the Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute to showcase available livestock vaccines.

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